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The spring of 2005 national farm machinery products order fair held in xi 'an western staged for the first time the national farm machinery show
from:Xingtai Tongde Machinery Co., Ltd time:2009-7-7 hits:2609

    April 16 to 18, the spring of 2005 national farm machinery products order fair held in xi 'an international exhibition center. It is reported, this is the first time in the western region held a national agricultural machinery products fair. Around the farm machinery and related industries for the exhibition responded enthusiastically, nearly 400 exhibitors, visitors, 25000.

     Well-known enterprises to participate in this exhibition are industries, such as: yituo group, shandong wind group, foton heavy industry, dongfeng auto, dongfeng agricultural machinery, Shanghai new Holland, shandong shuangli group workers, huayuan horse, huayuan lai kay, shandong xin li, henan, henan benma, jianghuai motivation, Asian American ke, often hang up electric power, swans, hangzhou, hedong beam machine, etc.Combining with the characteristics of the western region, the spring exhibition also attracted a batch of products suited to the characteristics of the western region agricultural production enterprises, such as: xingyang three machinery, nanyang glorious, etc. In the face of such a good chance to show, Qin Ta, nutrient-laden in shaanxi province agricultural science, Yang machinery, water conservancy, fengxiang in shaanxi province dazheng, c farm machinery such as a number of local enterprises also active participation.

    The spring exhibition received positive response and the related side, on the one hand is due to the national exhibition of agricultural machinery products of long history and large power, wide range of influence, display products, its position and function has been widely recognized by enterprises; Party and state, on the other hand, the western development strategy implemented step by step, the western concept widely, in the western market confidence, enables the enterprise to increase the intensity of development. Now, in the spring of 2005 national farm machinery products order fair has become over the years, one of the biggest most characteristics.



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