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Welcome to xingtai tongde machinery co., LTD., we use the most sincere service to provide you with excellent products, several times to make your work more efficient and faster to complete your work. Telephone: 0319-3294801 fax: 0319-3299688
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The preparatory ceremony held in Beijing China tractor industry 50 years show tractor industry
from:Xingtai Tongde Machinery Co., Ltd time:2009-7-7 hits:2675

    In celebration of the 50th birthday China tractor industry, show the brilliant achievements of tractor industry in China in 50 years, recently, by China agricultural machinery industry association and the rural economic daily edition host China tractor industry 50th anniversary of the preparatory committee held in yituo Beijing office. From China, John Deere day tow, fukuda heavy industry, shandong Chang Lin group, shandong weifang lu in the tractor company, shandong shuangli group, shandong weifang tractor factory and zhejiang quartet group companies such as representatives to attend the meeting.
 The meeting presided over by China agricultural machinery industry association director high yuan er. During the meeting, after discussion and making preliminary reached the following consensus: led by China's agricultural machinery industry association tractor branch, in April this year held in luoyang 50th anniversary exhibition of Chinese tractor industry, kick series of celebration activities. By China agricultural machinery industry association and the economic daily edition in the countryside, and in the great hall of the people in Beijing in November to hold China tractor industry celebration of 50 years, when the national leaders will be invited to attend the meeting, and to summarize series of celebration activities and information release.During this period, will be held in China top BBS tractor industry development strategy, China tractor industry the 50th anniversary of the 50 most influential figures in the selection, the 50th anniversary of the old photos for China tractor industry and prize essay HuiBianBen and so no.


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