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Hebei wheat harvest big head fall to the ground Summer grain harvest is a foregone conclusion
from:Xingtai Tongde Machinery Co., Ltd time:2009-6-20 hits:2829

    On June 15th, in hebei province in 59600 sets of combine harvester, wheat harvest is 27.7525 million mu, accounting for 80% of the wheat planting area, of which 26.8511 million mu mechanical harvest, receive a rate of 97%. Major wheat producing areas of handan and xingtai the summer harvest is over; Shijiazhuang, hengshui, cangzhou has had nine into harvest; Baoding, langfang half, tangshan has begun to harvest, harvest area in hebei
    Major wheat producing areas in hebei province in recent days, the weather is sunny, is advantageous to the wheat harvest, seize the opportunity, agricultural machinery management departments at various levels to strengthen organization and coordination, the implementation of the safeguard measures, formulate machine scheduling plan, increase investment in equipment number, organization mechanical rush in the harvest. Introduced from henan province thousands of combine harvester in hebei receive a battle, transfer the handan and xingtai harvest is the end of the harvester for inter-district homework in the province, accelerates the progress of wheat harvesting. If there is no bad weather recently, hebei province wheat can be at the end of 22 or so.
   Summer is an important link in production of "SanXia". Good wheat receive at the same time, the organization of provincial organizations around more than 10 ten thousand corn no-till planter, picked up corn, timely promoting wheat harvest mechanization, mechanical crushing returning of straw, corn no-till seeding operation mode of "a dragon", do a piece of wheat harvest, summer corn planting. To June 15, in hebei province has nearly 20 million mu planting corn, mechanical sowing rate was 92%. Is expected to complete wheat harvest at the same time, the corn planting will be ended.

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