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Welcome to xingtai tongde machinery co., LTD., we use the most sincere service to provide you with excellent products, several times to make your work more efficient and faster to complete your work. Telephone: 0319-3294801 fax: 0319-3299688
The lawn mower (single pole)
The lawn mower (double)
     Brief Introduction
Xingtai Tongde Machinery Co., Ltd is the former Xingtai tractor factory founded after the restructuring of joint-stock enterprises, specializing in the production of tractors and auxiliary machinery for agriculture and animal husbandry. The main production of "Xing" brand series of tractors and reciprocating mower such as farming and animal husbandry machinery products, machine through the national quality supervision and Inspection Center for identification of tractor.
Tractor factory take "the quality first, credibility oriented, refinement excellence, creating famous brand" as quality policy. Product design has a strong manufacturing capability, perfect detection equipment and detection means, strict quality control and management system.
"Xing" brand tractor currently has XT-120, XT-160, XT-180, XT-200, XT-220, XT-250, XT-254, XT-300, XT-304, XT-350, XT-354, XT-400, XT-404 and other models, equipped with vertical engine; full gear direct drive, circulating water cooling; low energy consumption, high efficiency, big traction, and climbing ability; can be matched with various agricultural implements, is the ideal power mechanical transport, irrigation, farming, harvesting, agricultural and sideline processing work. Xingtai tractor factory production of "Xing" brand series of tractors and rear overhang mowers have been exported to Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and other countries, have enjoyed a high reputation in the domestic and abroad.
Tractor factory, led by Germany, sincere management, ensure the quality, excellent service, welcome friends at home and abroad...

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